Improve your life #8

I’m sure we all want to our friends and family, and ourselves, to have happy and healthy lives. Unfortunately much of what happens in our life is out with our control, so we need to find ways of coping, or dare I say, surviving life.

This post is part of a series in which I’ll provide a few suggestions on how to improve your life, ones which have been found to work for many over the years.

Today’s suggestion is to treat today as if it were your last.

I know today’s suggestion may sound a little bit morbid, so let me explain. We can often be guilty of taking our family and friends for granted by assuming they know how we feel about them, rather than actually telling them how much we love and care for them.

I’ve found myself regretting not telling someone I loved just how much they meant to me, just because I thought I be able to tell them tomorrow, however they passed away before I got that chance. So don’t assume you’ll have another chance to tell others know exactly how you feel about them, and don’t assume they know how much they mean to you, instead, tell them daily how much they mean to you.

When we express our love and care for someone, not only will it lift their spirits but it will also lift yours, as it’s always good to share your love with others. Don’t regret your lack of action, tell those you love today, how much they mean to you.

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