Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances are a bit like cars – why? Because when they are working they are fantastic, but when they breakdown they can cause us all sorts of stresses.

Well for us this week we’ve had some issue with two of our large kitchen appliances – first the temperature of our fridge freezer was fluctuation quite a bit and then struggled to stay within acceptable range for a couple of days, so we thought it would be safer to replace it as you can’t take any chances with the safety of your food. However since those couple of days of fluctuation, the temparature of the friedge freezer has been absolutely fine! Very odd. We’ve had our fridge freezer for quite a number of years now, so we had decided we’d get a new appliance and had activity started looking at our options.

Then on Thursday night, having put the dishwasher on just15 minutes earlier, we heard a number of loud popping noises from the kitchen. When we went to investigate there was a strong smell in the kitchen – as the dishwasher was the only appliance on, we immediately switched it off at the wall and unplugged it. Fortunately the smell dissipated quickly, and so we opened the dishwasher with multiple towels on the floor in case the water inside the appliance flooded the kitchen.

The next day we called someone to have a look at the dishwasher and unsurprisingly were advised would be safer to replace the dishwasher. The dishwasher, like the fridge freezer is a number of years old, however although has only been used in the last few years.

As the fridge freezer is still behaving itself, we’re now looking to replace the dishwasher as soon as possible, and will replace the fridge freezer later, assuming it continues to work.

Just like cars, large kitchen appliances can be expensive to fix/replace when they break, but just like cars make help make our lives easier when they work as expected.

Just hoping that is the end of our problematic kitchen appliances!

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