Mid September

I don’t know about you, but can’t believe it’s the middle of September 2021 already! It seems particularly strange how quickly the 18 months have gone by, given how limited our movements have been for the majority of that time, because of restrictions imposed to try and counter the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another strange thing has happened this month that I don’t recall happening for a long time before, even in mid September it’s still warm enough to be going around in shorts in the house (and no we haven’t put the heating on), and also still being able to go about outside with no jacket! Yes it is a little bit chilly first thing in the morning and when the sun goes down at night, but during the day it is still very mild.

For me, the warmer weather has made it easier to get through these last few months, when we have started to take tentative steps on our road back to some sort of normality. I for one am still a little bit nervous of getting completely back to normal even although we’re both fully vaccinated – given the pandemic and the restrictions we’ve had to live with, and the fact that we’ve spent the majority of our time since restrictions were first imposed, staying at home, and only going out for medical reasons as we got our food shopping delivered to us, I guess it’s not surprising we’ve been a little nervous going out and interacting with other households again.

Yes, we’re starting to do that a little more now, but it still feels a bit risky given high infection rates of COVID-19 in Scotland since restrictions were al but lifted, and schools returned after the summer break!

Anyway, we’ve got through to mid-September 2021, and we’re still living with COVID-19, I simply hope that as we move into Autumn and then Winter we will see the COVID-19 infection rates reduce so that we can begin to see an end to all restrictions, but I’d rather some restrictions stay in place until it’s clear the end of this pandemic is in sight.

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