How strong do you think you are – not in the physical sense but mentally?

Many of us tend to think we’re not strong people at all, as we regularly struggle with everyday life. However just because we feel we struggle doesn’t mean that how others see us – I was recently talking to someone I’d known for a number of years, and because of the way the conversation went they said that I wouldn’t find the same thing as them upsetting as I am a very strong person!

I was astounded as there’s one thing I definitely am not, and that is a strong person. I point out to the person that said it to me that I’ve just got very good at ‘putting on a public face’ so that to everyone else I seem strong, and it’s taken years of practice. They were very surprised by this saying that I did an excellent job of appearing to be very strong.

On considering this further later on that day, I realised that the reason I have probably managed to ‘put on a good public face’ all these years, is because my faith keeps me believing that things will get better. After all without suffering and pain, we don’t learn and grow. that’s why this Helen Keller quote is so appropriate to share.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.

Helen Keller

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