Last minute

I don’t know about you, but since things have started getting back to some kind of ‘normal’, and I’ve started returning to some of the things I used to do pre COVID, I seem to be finding it difficult to get myself organised and prepared and to the events in plenty of time. It’s as if I’ve forgotten how much time I need to allow myself to get prepared to leave the house, and how long it will take me to get to the location!

I hate not being organised, and I hate running late. In the last couple of week I have been a little better as I have managed to get to events a little bit earlier, however I’m still struggling to get myself there and allowing myself time to focus, before the events start. I’m hoping in the next could of weeks I will continue to get better at organising myself again, so that I am no longer rushing at the last minute to get to and get organised for events.

All these thoughts about rushing at the last minute to get ready for or get to an event, reminded me that while many of these events may be important to me just now, there is one event that I hope and pray none of us will ever be too late for…and that is giving our lives to Jesus before He comes to earth again, or until we take our last breath.

So if you haven’t given your life to God, and always think it’s ‘not for you’, or you’ll ‘do it tomorrow’, I’d encourage you today to not wait any longer before you commit your life to Him, as we never know when it may be too late to do so.

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  1. I feel the same Dorothy I am unable to go out yet but it will be quite a thought to get my uniform to go back to the Army. I am enjoying being able to watch the service on Utube


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