Faith can heal the world

I came across the following quote yesterday – I loved it, as it reminded me that we must never give of hope that this broken world can be healed.

We’ve been living in very difficult times for many months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But have you noticed that now with many restrictions having been lifted, have you noticed how many really awful news items (other than COVID-19 ones) seem to be hitting the headlines these days?

Many of everyone’s daily activities were put on hold when the COVID-19 pandemic ‘took over’ our lives, which meant news headlines were overtaken quite rightly by news of the pandemic. However maybe that’s why it now seems that the world appears to be breaking again, now we’re able to get back to many of our normal activities.

Yes, our world is broken. It’s not something that has just happened since COVID-19, it been the case for a very long time. For methought, as the above image shows, faith can heal us, and can heal our broken world. We as Christians, must be strong and continue to put our faith in God, because He can heal His world with our help.

Keep faith in God.

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