Those who…

Today’s thought, follows on from yesterday’s where I encouraged us all to be the one person who will always show kindness to others and help someone in their time of need.

Life can be hard, and we can often take those closest to us for granted, and in doing so may not treat them as well as we should. In fact we may not even tell them how much we love them, all because we don’t think we have to, because ‘they know’ how we feel about them…but do they really?

Imagine those you love never told you how they feel about you? I think we’d all like to be told we’re loved. So do the same in return and tell those you love exactly how you feel.

Just as important is forgiving those who hurt us. A grievance or hurt will eat away at us if we don’t accept it, forgive them and move on.

Always help those who are in need, not just by speaking to them and giving them items they may need, but by playing for them too. In other words, always help those who need you. In turn, thank those who reach out and help you. Let them know how much you appreciate their help.

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