Ever waited in all day for a delivery only for it not to turn up? Very frustrating isn’t it?

If your delivery has turned up, were you happy with the delivery person and how they treated you, your property and/or the items they were delivering to you?

Some things that frustrate me about deliveries

  • Some deliveries give you a time window for your delivery, but it can sometimes be clear based on the location of the driver and how far they are from you, that they are never going to get to you within that time window, yet your delivery time remains unchanged – Frustrating!
  • We live in a street that is not very wide, and normally has vehicles parked on both sides of the road – Some delivery drivers ‘abandon’ their van in the middle of the road, while they deliver to two or three properties. Meanwhile traffic starts to queue in front of and behind the delivery van, all because the driver left their van in the middle of the road! There can often be space to park a van further along the road, so it seem to be they want to walk the shortest distance from their van to the destination address – Just seem to be no sense of consideration for other vehicles in the street by some delivery drivers.
  • We’ve seen some delivery drivers throwing packages from our path into my doorway, when the item is clearly marked as ‘keep upright’ or ‘fragile’ – Disgraceful, I’m sure they wouldn’t treat their own property this way.
  • Some delivery drivers seem to think you should be able to answer your door within a couple of seconds, as they impatiently ring the door bells and knock the door constantly until you answer the door – We’re not deaf, and we can’t auto transport ourselves from where we are to the door in a second, so I wish they’d stop being so impatient and be more considerate as not everyone can get to their door in a second!
  • We’ve seen some drivers put our deliveries in our wheelie bin without making any attempt to check if anyone is in! – Shocking, as they don’t even leave a note to say where the package is, so it’s been just as well we’ve seen them!
  • We always close our gate, and we expect visitors to out house to do so to, it’s only curtesy isn’t it. We’ll the majority of delivery drivers are quite happy to open the gate to get in with the deliver, but they’ll completely ignore the gate on their way back to their van, leaving our gate wide open.
  • If our next door neighbours are also getting a delivery from the same delivery driver, there have been times when they trample over our flowerbeds, step over the small fence between the houses, and deliver to our neighbour, rather than taking a few extra steps by going out our path and then in my neighbour’s path – Note, they often then leave ours, and our neighbour’s gates open when they do this – They just don’t seem to care about our property. They dont care if there’s anything growing in our flowerbeds, it’s just a shortcut for them.
  • Sometimes we’ve had an email or a text to say the driver tried to deliver our package but was unable to do so, so we should reschedule the delivery – In all these instances it’s been one particular company, and in every instance we have been home, and can see our front path, and can categorically say no-one attempted to deliver our parcel – Why lie? why not just say, they’ve been delayed and will rearrange delivery for the following day? Frustrating!

These are just a few examples of the frustrations we’ve experienced with delivery drivers over the last number of months. These are just examples of the bad experiences we’ve had, but be assured we have had some fantastic delivery drivers too, some who have gone that extra mile for us.

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