Are you someone who always looks for the good in others or do you always see their faults long before you see any good?

I try to see the best in others, but to be honest, I find that some people make that very difficult don’t they. It’s usually the people that are most in need of some positivity that I have found are hardest to find any positives in. That’s why I pray that God will always help me to see the best in everyone, and help me to encourage and guide others to Christ.

How about when you look at yourself? Do you focus on your own shortcomings rather than focusing on your merits?

Well I definitely always focus on my shortcomings! I tend not to even look for, or dwell on, any of my positive characteristics. I am a perfectionist after all so this shouldn’t be any surprise as I always aim for perfection in all I do – ridiculous isn’t it, as how can I, Dorothy, ever be perfect?! As daft as that may sound, it’s maybe not such a ridiculous aim, because as a Christian I want to be more like Christ, and by doing so become more like the person God wants me to be.

God can help each of us become more like Him, by seeking His forgiveness for our wrongs, and asking for his strength and guidance each day, to help us like a more Christ-like life.

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