Part of us

Words which for me remind that, although I some I love may no longer be with us, they are still very much part of me, and who I am. The love and teaching they gave me, and the memories they made for me will live on forever.

Everyone who comes into your life at any time will leave an impression on your life, however it’s important to only just hold onto the memories of those who have made a positive impression on your life. Life is too short to get stressed about those who want to negatively impact our lives, so hold onto the memories of those who have helped you created joyful memories


  1. Good evening Dot,   I have just watched a very different Christmas musical evening from Bellshill. Please convey to the Band members my very many thanks for an inspiring blessed evening. I have friends in England who were watching also and I am sure they were blessed. Again very many thanks and a blessed Christmas to you all at Bellshill. God bless

    Malcolm Richards

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    1. Thank you very much Malcolm, I will pass that message onto the bandmaster and the band. So glad you enjoyed the Christmas concert from us at Bellshill SA tonight. It was good to be back doing a festival again after 2 years without any. Thank you for taking the time to let us know you enjoyed the Christmas music and our message tonight.
      Thanks again,


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