Do they know it’s CHRISTmas?

If you’re of a certain age, I suspect when you read the title of my blog post you will immediately have thought of the BandAid song ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’, which was put together to raise funds for the Ethiopian famine disaster.

Well yes, that song did inspire this blog post, but I want to bring it much closer to home…

  • Do your friends and family know it’s Christmas?
  • Do your neighbours know it’s Christmas?
  • Do your work or school friends know it’s Christmas?

And my final questions for is do you know it’s Christmas?

My question is about whether you know we exchange cards and gifts, put up decorations, but instead I’m asking if you know the real reason we celebrate CHRISTmas?

We celebrate Christmas, because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s son, over 2000 years ago. If it wasn’t for Jesus’ birth, we wouldn’t celebrate Christmas. So I encourage you to remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas, Jesus!

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