The day after Christmas

The day after Christmas the pots and pans lie unwashed in the kitchen, and the bin is full of wrapping paper. The dishwasher has been on, so the array of dishes used to prepare and serve Christmas dinner the previous day, are clean and ready to be put away.

The following photos are just stock images, i.e. they are not of what our house looks like today!

Meanwhile in the living room, the football’s on the telly, and no-one wants much to eat for lunch after ‘pigging-out’ yesterday. The pots and pans are now washed, and it’s now nearly time for dinner, so we’re ready to go again with a rerun of Christmas dinner – Turkey (cold), roast potatoes, veg, garnish selection, yorkies and gravy, followed by another portion of our Christmas dessert.

Another day of doing not much other than eating and watching tv and DVDs, but we love it all the same. I might not be saying that when I next stand on the scales after the festive season is over!

Whether your Boxing Day has looked similar to mine, or you’ve been out and about visiting relative and friends you didn’t see on Christmas Day, I hope you had a lovely time.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break, and please stay safe!

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