Unexpected future

If you had the following choices, which would you pick?

  1. You can see your future, and know the highs and lows of life that lie ahead of you; or
  2. You put your future in God’s hands, and let Him guide and direct you whatever comes your way.

My choice is option 2. What is your choice?

Sometimes I think I would like to know what the future holds for me, simply so I can prepare myself for it. However, almost as soon as I think it would be good to know the future, I dismiss those thoughts – after all how would I cope and what would I do if I was found out something really bad lay in store for me in, or my loved ones, in the future.

So for me, whatever unexpected things lie in my future, I will put them firmly in God’s hands. God knows what lies ahead for me, and I know He will be there helping and guiding me through it all, good or bad.

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