In the dark

As very high winds battered the UK last night and another storm is predicted to hit tomorrow afternoon causing very high gusts of winds, many thousands have already founds themselves without power. Sadly 2 people (at the time of writing this post) are known to have been killed as a result of the high winds, and fallen trees have caused many roads to be block and power lines to be downed.

For those without power in their homes tonight, they will be able to answer tonight’s question immediately, while for other others, I suspect it might need a bit of thought – If you found yourself at home with no power, so no light, no heat, no internet, so how would you spend your evening?

For us, we have some small electric lanterns which we can use to provide light. However when it comes to heat, we’d have no heating. But we would potentially be able to use at least the hob of our cooker, as we have a gas cooker…so we’d also be able to get a bit of heat from that. But what would we do to pass the hours? Well a few years ago we have several power cuts over the space of a few days, with one lasting for about 8-9 hours. Fortunately that was during the summer months, so heat wasn’t an issue, no was light as it was still light outside at that time until about 10.30pm.

If were have a power cut now, in the middle of winter, we’d need to try and keep an worm, and keep occupied, so maybe we’d just layer up on clothes and play some board games, or just go to bed early to keep warm, and also to hope the power was back on in the morning.

How about you, what would be your solution be to no power?

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