Hope in the darkness

Is it just me, or is there a great darkness around us all at present? I know I always find the winter months tough, and added to that, since before Christmas, we’ve pretty much stayed at home full-time other than health appointment, going for a walk, popping round to our local coffee shop to pick up a takeaway coffee and lunch (which we pre-order), all because of high Covid infection rates here once again and I’ve also been feeling exhausted again too.

Yes, I know infection rates have reduced significantly again, and restrictions have eased, but I’m finding it hard to feel comfortable being back ‘out-there’ again, so I’m taking things slowly.

I guess as the above quote states, I personally need to remember that even although there seems to be a darkness surrounding just now, there is hope, because we are assured that

You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.

Psalm 18:28 (NIV)


  1. Thank you for openly expressing how you are feeling. I totally get where you’re coming from as Im scared to leave the house as I dont want coronavirus as live with mum and dad who both have major health problem and low immunity. I feel like someones pulled a black curtain around me recently. Glad Im not only one feeling like this. Hoping that light will break thru my darkness soon cause this is really tough


    1. Thanks Kaz. Yes these last couple of years have left lots of people feeling nervous and uncertain about socialising/meeting with others, having spent so long having to live apart from them. I find hope in the knowledge that God is always with me, when things are going great as well as when the darkness surrounds me, and threatens to engulf me. So stay strong, and keep believing that the light will break through the darkness in God’s time.


  2. Girls wow!!! You are both being so honest about your feeling and struggles. So brave and honorable as your words may bring reassurance to those who read this that they aren’t only ones feeling really low these day.
    Good on ya Dot. Keep up the great blog X

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    1. Thank you Mommalovesgod for your feedback. It’s always good to know that something I have written about is helpful to someone. It really is just about reassuring yourself that although life may be dark just now, there is hope in God, so hold onto Him always


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