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I often say my prayers,
but do I ever pray?
And do the wishes of my heart,
go with the words I say? 

I may as well kneel down
And worship gods of stone,
As offer to the living God
A prayer of words alone.

For words without the heart
The Lord will never hear,
Nor will He to those lips attend
Whose prayers are not sincere.

Lord teach me what I need,
And teach me how to pray;
Nor let me ask Thy grace,
Not feeling what I say.

Sometimes we just need to ask God to help teach us how to pray. To teach us to pray in a way that we actually mean what we’re prayer, rather than just saying words we think we’re supposed to say.

Don’t say words in your prayers that you don’t mean because God knows whether we mean what we say, because he knows what’s really in our hearts. So let God teach you His ways, and show you how to pray.

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