In the last few days, for various reasons, I’ve found myself thinking about colours, and more specifically, what different colours means or represent to us, either individually, or when we see them with other specific colours.

So today I thought I’d ask you to think about what specific colours represent to you, or what they make you think of. I’ll list some specific colours (one or more), and then will tell you what those colours make make me think of, or represent to me.

So first here’s the colours

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Red, white and blue
  4. Brown
  5. Red, amber, green
  6. Blue
  7. Green
  8. Yellow, red and blue
  9. Green and white
  10. Red
Colored powder explosion on black background. Freeze motion.

And now here’s what those colours represent to me, or make me think of

  1. Dark times
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Rangers FC
  4. Wood or trees
  5. Traffic lights
  6. Ocean or sky
  7. Nature
  8. Salvation Army
  9. Celtic FC
  10. Blood

If you would like me to explain any of my answers, please leave a comment, and I will reply with my explanation

Why not think about what your answers would be to each of those colours – Feel free to tell me your answers in the comments.

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