Net zero

I’ve been working on developing a financial management IT system recently, and have heard the term ‘net zero’ many times from the accountants in the last few months in the course of this work. Before I go any further, I apologise to any accountants reading this, as I will probably not describe/define net zero correctly!

Net zero in non-accountant language is when the amount we put in is equal to the amount we take out. In other words when we take money out of one account (Negative amount), we place the same amount into another account (Positive amount), so the total of all money moved is zero.

It’s funny how our minds work sometimes, as while out for a walk the other day my mind started me thinking about ‘net zero’, and how it’s really just the same as life – In life we have negative life events and we have positive life events, all of which leave us at least at net zero, but hopefully in the positive, so that we can continue to be positive even during the negative events in life.

The good news is, when we put our faith and trust in God, we give ourselves the best chance of living in the positive. In other words, when we fully trust God, God will help us to through each life event or situation, helping us to have faith in Him in all situations.

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