The light of the world, Jesus

Earlier today on Bellshill Salvation Army Band’s Facebook page I shared some Good Friday devotions. I’d like to share those devotions with you tonight.


He was betrayed.

He was put on trial.

He was mocked.

He was tortured.

He was condemned to death.

He was nail to a cross.

He died.

Today, on this Good Friday, we remember the pain and agony Jesus suffered on the cross as he gave the ultimate sacrifice of this life. It’s hard to truly comprehend the enormity of that sacrifice, isn’t it?

O Jesus, thou art knocking; 
and lo, that hand is scarred, 
and thorns thy brow encircle, 
and tears thy face have marred: 
O love that passeth knowledge, 
so patiently to wait! 
O sin that hath no equal, 
so fast to bar the gate! 

Don’t let Christ’s sacrifice for us be in vain.

Is Christ knocking on the door of your heart this Easter?

Is He pleading for you to let Him into your life?

O Jesus, thou art pleading 
in accents meek and low, 
"I died for you, my children, 
and will you treat me so?" 
O Lord, with shame and sorrow 
we open now the door; 
dear Saviour, enter, enter, 
and leave us never more.

Open the door of your heart, and welcome Jesus, ‘The Light of the World’, into your heart this Easter, and forever.

Hope you are blessed as you listen to a virtual recording made last year, of the band playing ‘The Light of the World’ (Dean Goffin).

We wish you a happy and blessed Easter.

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