Time to relax

After a bit of week, today has been a much needed time to relax. I particularly needed to rest and chill today, after attending my first physiotherapy session yesterday. I spoke to my GP a couple of weeks ago about an issue I’ve had a for a little while, and after advising me that physiotherapy would help, she highlighted that the wait for NHS physio was very long, so recommended a couple of local places I could go for physio, as she felt my injury would get worse if left without any treatment.

So I organised an initial appointment with a recommended physio, and had my first session yesterday. I was very happy with the physio session, and the physio confirmed that physiotherapy would be beneficial for me. She also identified that she’d like some further imaging done of my injury so she can fully assess the problem, and then tailor my sessions to treat the injury.

I have to say, the physio was fantastic, and really understanding about my injury. She put me at ease, and fully explained what she was doing, what she thought the injury was, additional imaging needed, and how physiotherapy could help me. Yes, I was very sore last night but that was to be expected. Today I started on my exercises…they were difficult and painful, but my hopefully as I continue with these, my injury will improve, particularly once we get the results of the additional imaging that my GP has now been requested to arrange. Back to physio in 2 weeks, so I’d better go now and do my 2nd of 3 lots of exercises for today!

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