What else?

So it’s Thursday, the day after Rangers played Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa Cup Final in Seville – so what else did you expect me to blog about other than last night’s final?!

As a lifelong Rangers supporter I was delighted at Rangers performances in the Europa Cup this season which has seen us beat the favourites to lift the cup, and beyond our wildest dream, reach our first european cup final for a number of year. We were ready and expectant of Rangers doing what was unthinkable at the start of the season, and winning the Europa Cup.

Rangers didn’t play their best last night, and were lucky not to lose more goals, but we were also unlucky with a few decisions and attempts on goal, particularly late in the game. It was therefore probably right that the game went to extra time. But where were Roofe and Ramsay? They were on the bench but not brought on until 5 minutes from the end of extra time, possibly with penalties in mind – I can only assume neither were fit enough to play more of a part in the game.

For me, Ramsay has been a huge disappointment, he was brought in a class player who can change big games – they dont come much bigger than the Europa cup Final – He is undoubtably a class player, but he can’t seem to stay fit. Tonight was his big chance to step up in the penalty shootout and help us win the cup. However before Ramsay stepped up to take a penalty, I said to my husband that I had a feeling Ramsay would take a penalty and miss…sadly I was right!

We couldn’t recover from Ramsay’s poor penalty miss, and so we lost 5-4 on penalties. It was a rotten way to lose the cup final, but someone had to lose.

Yes, I’m gutted we didn’t win, but I am hugely proud of what we have achieved this season in reaching the cup final. Sadly though it wasn’t to be this season, but we look forward with hope for next season under the leadership of Van Bronckhorst. For now though we look forward to Saturday so we can finish this season on a high, by winning the Scottish Cup Final.

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