It’s funny how some pieces of music, or some songs remind us of specific occasions or particular people.

Just as we are reminded of occasions or people by specific music, I hope we are also reminded of Jesus and our relationship with him, when we hear music that once brought us into a closer relationship with God.

For me there are a few pieces of music which remind me of people who are no longer here with us, and who have been a huge influence on me both personally, and in my Christian faith. I was reminded a few weeks ago of one specific songster piece which reminds me of my Mum and of the influence she had on my life, ‘Jesus, Thou Art Everything’ arranged by Leonard Ballantine.

Mum always made it clear that

Jesus, thou art thou everything to me,
Jesus, thou art everything to me,
All my lasting joys are found in thee;
Jesus, thou art everything to me.

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