Which? #16

Today is all about options again – I’m going to give you two items at a time, and you have to choose either the option that best describes you or which you prefer:

  1. Zipper or buttons
  2. Broken bones or torn ligaments
  3. Knees or ankles
  4. Piercings or no piercings
  5. Air conditioning or fan
  6. Automatic or manual gear change
  7. Pen or pencil
  8. Moon or stars
  9. Book or ebook
  10. Apple or Samsung

A variety of questions, some about your personality, some about your preferences. Whatever your answers, together they define who you are.


In case you’re wondering here’s my answers

  1. Buttons
  2. Broken bones or torn ligaments
  3. Knees
  4. Piercings
  5. Air conditioning
  6. Manual gear change
  7. Pen
  8. Stars
  9. Apple

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