Long week

Thank goodness it’s now Friday evening, as it’s been a very long week at work this week. I was scheduled to be working in the office on Wednesday, however I ended up in the office on two different days for meetings I was informed had to be ‘in-person’.

Much as it’s nice to see some of my colleagues in-person, I’m still not getting why we can’t continue to have these meetings via Teams, as they are just as effective, save travel time, and avoid potential for the spread of Covid.

I am aware of a number of colleagues who have caught Covid in the last week or two, so it’s quite concerning that the need for in-person meetings seems to be being expected more and more,

To be honest, any meetings I am organising with colleagues will be via Teams, as personally I’d prefer to avoid any possibility of Covid being passed between colleagues, by allowing us all to work from home and join calls online, but unfortunately, I’m not the organiser of majority of the meetings I need to attend!

Anyway, between days full of meetings, travelling to/from the office more than expected this week, and some long working day, it’s been a very long and tiring week. I for one am looking forward to a rest this weekend!

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