Be vulnerable

When you read the title of today’s blog post, what was your initial reaction? Even for me, as I re-read the title of this post, I find myself saying ‘No way, I’m not going to show my vulnerability!’. I’m a perfectionist, so to admit weakness or vulnerability is not something I want to do. I suspect for even non-perfectionists, admitting our weaknesses is not something we’d want to do.

When we experience times of difficulty in our lives, we may find ourselves experiencing things such as insomnia, memory loss, weakness, loneliness and vulnerability. That’s probably why to me it seems pointless telling someone in the midst of difficulties, to ‘show your weakness’, as that’s the last thing they would want to do. Instead they need to feel loved and feel safe, as they are dealing with something tough in their lives.

Don’t be strong. Be weak. Unclench your fists. Dare to be vulnerable. Honest weakness takes courage.

Pete Greig

When we show love to those who need to feel they are loved, they may begin to feel they are in a safe place with someone they can share their vulnerability with as they don’t feel they are being judged.

No matter how hard it may be for you to show your vulnerability, I encourage you today to be vulnerable, because when we show our vulnerability, we can begin to understand ourselves better. I dare you to be vulnerable.

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