In a box

I’ve never been one to do the ‘expected’ or to look as you’d ‘expect’ either. I guess some would say, I don’t like confirming, however that’s not actually the reason I like to be ‘different’ – I actually just don’t like being predictable!

I’m not entirely sure why I don’t like being predictable, but I do recall several occasions when I was growing up where others would assume what I would do, and I didn’t like that, especially as they had no basis for their assumptions, other than that was what everyone else did.

Is that reason enough to not want to be predictable? I think it is, though ultimately I don’t think I am unpredictable – I just take my time to think things through before making a decision, instead of potentially jumping straight into a decision without being sure/confident of my decision. If that makes me unpredictable, I’m ok with that!

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