Sometimes I look around and all I see is nature reflecting my life, my anxieties and my fears.

Something as beautiful as a lovely bunch of flowers given to me by some church friends, gradually wither, petals start to fall off, and the flowers die, and I have to throw them out.

Looking out in the garden, despite having only weeded what seems like just a couple of weeks ago, I can already see weeds growing between the slabs again. It seems a constant job keeping the garden tidy and weedless (if there is such a word!), and that just seems too difficult at times.

These observations, reminded me again how much nature is a reflection of our lives – We must constantly care for ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually in order to keep ourselves growing in a positive way. To grow spiritually we must not let the weeds in our lives take over, instead we must ask God to help us root out the bad things in our lives, so we can grown in our Christian relationship with God.

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