Value for money

Because of the cost of living crisis is upon us in the UK just now, everyone is finding their money is not going as far as it was doing prior to this. So it’s no surprise that we are all thinking more about what we spend our money, and so we’re looking to buy things which give us the best value for the money we are spending.

Here’s a question for you – do you think you give God ‘value for money’ from your service to Him, compared with the sacrifice He gave for you?

If I ask myself that question, and have to give you an honest answer, my answer would be, no, God doesn’t get value for money from me. I try my best to serve God in all I do, but I am well aware that I can often think I know better than God, or I disagree with what God wants me to do, so I do my own thing. In hindsight when I look back at some of those times, it is often clear that my decisions have been influenced by other people around me, or by my own desires, rather than by listening to The One who gave His Son as a sacrifice for me.

I can’t think of anything that is comparable with the ‘value for money’ we as humans have received through God’s love for us, because of the sacrifice he freely gave for each of us. So if we’re looking for value for money, look to God, because His love and guidance for each one of us is free of charge to us, all because of Jesus’ death and resurrection. All He asks in return is that we give Him our heart, our life, our all.

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