Crossed paths

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who says something like “I know exactly how you feel or are going through”. In my experience it can be obvious some really do understand, while others really don’t.

I’ve had that said to me a few times in the last few years – some of those that have said this to me, I know they really meant those words as they knew and understood my exact situation and circumstances, and really could relate; While when others said those words, it was obvious they were just saying those words because either they thought it was what they should say to me, or because they wanted to make themselves look good.

Unless someone really knows you well enough to know and understand everything going on in your life, they can never know exactly how you feel can they? That doesn’t mean you can’t share in encouraging one another in your journey, in fact that may be the only reason your journeys may have overlapped, as it was part of God plan for your lives.

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