National mourning

Yesterday saw the UK, and the Commonwealth, thrown into a period of national mourning following the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II had died. I must admit I’m not a someone who is particularly for or against the Royal Family. However on a day like yesterday, we are reminded that just like you and me, they a human beings who lost a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

The Queen was an inspiration to millions, lived a life of faith in God, and had a deep sense of duty as she served as our monarch.

I have watched the news and read many news story, viewed many photos defining her 70 years as Head of State – There were many wonderful photos which encapsulated the Queen’s character, her sense of duty, her humour, her faith and her compassion. For me there is one picture which for me captured all that, and that was the picture of the Queen sitting alone at her husband, Prince Philip’s funeral – It is one of the saddest images I have ever seen, seeing her sitting alone, but it showed how strong and resilient she was as, because we were in the middle of the Covid pandemic. She sat alone, dignified in her grief.


The other photo that caught my attention was one where she looked so relaxed and natural while on board HMY Britannia. The photograph was taken for use during her Silver Wedding Celebrations.


On the BBC website one of the news headlines which really struck me was

This is the moment history stops; for a minute, an hour, for a day or a week; this is the moment history stops.

BBC website

For millions of us, we have known no other Head of State, as the Queen, aged 96, has reigned for over 70 years. Yes, time has stood still from the time of the announcement of her passing, so I pray today, not just for the Royal Family as they mourn the death of their loved one, but I also pray for our nation, and our commonwealth as we mourn with the Royal Family, but also look ahead with trepidation, unsure how life will be without Her Majesty The Queen.

I offer my deepest sympathies to the Royal Family and pray they experience the strength and comfort of God during this time of great sorrow.

Rest in peace Ma’am.


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