Inspire others

Do you inspire others?

If I’m honest, I don’t even inspire myself at times, so to think that I may inspire someone else doesn’t sound like something I do.

But hold on, why do I blog? Why do many of my blog posts end up being posts about my faith, or encouraging others to come to faith? When I started blogging a number of years ago, I never intended this blog to be about God, my intention was for it to be just about things that happened to me, useful IT or project management resources, but if you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you’ll know that most of my blog posts relate to either my Christian faith, or encourage others to seek God! A number of years have passed since my first blog post, so why do I continue blogging – I continue because of the positive feedback I get from others. So in some small way, maybe I do inspire others to seek God.

The following quote is one from my daily desk calendar with inspiring quotes by women. I love this quote form a great tennis player, who has inspired many people by her tennis achievements, and her encouragement to others.

I pray today that not only women, but all people can be an inspiration to others, but in doing so, as Serena says, remain humble – what better quote to share to encourage us all to inspire others.

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