Things to do on a Saturday #1

Saturdays for me are important, because after a long, and often stressful week at work, it’s the only day of the week, where I normally don’t have to set an alarm, and don’t have to be anywhere in particular for a specific time. It’s the day that I get to unplug from my working week, so I get to break my regular routines, and run the day the way that I want to.

I don’t know about you, but although my Saturday’s tend to be my break from my standard routine, I do like find there are some things that help make my Saturday’s better, and one of them is planning my day in advance. By doing this I don’t end up wasting time doing random things like spending money on spontaneous shopping just because I was bored!

So what may help is getting some ideas on things to do, they can then be planned over the upcoming Saturday’s in advance, so you have a plan when Saturday arrives. It’s important to bear in mind that you may want to have some relaxing time on a Saturday. You may also want to do things that will help you to succeed in life or help your wellbeing.

In my blog posts today and future Saturday’s I’m going to give you some suggestions of things to do on a Saturday.

Suggestion #1 – Clear out your purse!

It’s crazy how much stuff can accumulate in our purses isn’t it! Before you start each week, clean out all the mess in your purse!

Start by removing all your old receipts, and if you’ve got loads of loose change in your purse, why not empty it into a piggy bank or a tub, and save it up to help pay for unexpected bills, or give to a charity.

So clear out your purse so it just contains the money and cards you need for the coming week.

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