Take your stand

Despite our best attempts to do God’s will in our lives, we can sometimes go of track when we think we can go it alone – That’s when the devil seizes the moment and tries to get us to go against what we know is right, and get us to follow his schemes.

But don’t despair, because if we take God with us wherever we go, and in whatever we are do, we can take our stand against what the devil tries to get us to do.

I'll Stand For Christ

In the Army of Jesus we’ve taken our stand
To fight ‘gainst the forces of sin;
To the rescue we go,
Satan’s power to o’erthrow,
And his captives to Jesus we’ll win.

I’ll stand for Christ, for Christ alone
Amid the tempest and the storm;
Where Jesus leads I’ll follow on;
I’ll stand, I’ll stand for Christ alone.

We go forth not to fight
‘Gainst the sinner, but sin;
The lost and the outcast we love;
And the claims of our King
We before them will bring,
As we urge them His mercy to prove.

Jesus pitied our case,
And He died for our race;
To save a lost world He was slain;
But He rose and now lives,
And His pardon He gives
Unto all who will call on His name.

Though our trials be great
And God’s enemies strong,
To battle undaunted we go,
For our warfare’s the Lord’s
And to Him we belong;
In His strength we shall conquer the foe.

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