Save yourself

As a perfectionist, it took me many years to not beat myself up when I got things wrong. So it is probably not a surprise that I did not find it funny when I failed, and I certainly didn’t like others laughing at me. Unfortunately that was something that happened quite regularly as I was never one of the ‘in-team’ or popular folk, and therefore any chance some other had to laugh at or make fun of me, was usually taken.

I make this sound so bad, but it wasn’t, it was just the way my life was when I was growing up. But as I’ve now got older, and have grown up I really can see why others may laugh at some of the things I say or do, and in fact, why when I’m struggling with something or finding it really difficult, I laugh and make daft silly comments – Basically it’s my coping mechanism. Unfortunately I realise that I may come over as insensitive or rude, because of that, but it is just my way of coping with life, and so far it had helped me survive.

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