Another delivery, more problems

In the last couple of weeks I’ve told you about a few issues we’ve had with deliveries to our home. Well today is another day, and another week, and I’m sorry to say, it’s more delivery problems, and this time with Sainsbury’s.

Before Christmas we realised we were struggling to get a Christmas delivery booked for just before Christmas Day, so we booked an slot for today with Sainsbury’s to try and get all we needed for our New Year shop delivered, to save us having to go to the extra busy shops to get our shopping. All good.

So last night before the cut-off for submitting our final order for today, we went through our order and made sure we’d added everything we needed. There were were some items we wanted were ‘not currently available’, which was disappointing as some were standard items of shopping such as vegetables. Anyway we got the order updated and submitted and received our confirmation email notification, so all good. The only concern we had was the dates we were going to get on some of the items, as we’ve had some issues with that with previous Sainsbury’s deliveries.

This morning I received the updated email from Sainsbury’s confirming details of our order, including items that weren’t available, and substituted items…there were a lot! There was one substation, bread, which seemed ok, but there a number of items unavailable – I do not understand how the items can be available for ordering just a few hours previously, but then when they ‘pick’ our order in the morning, those items are no longer available. The bottom line is we ended up with only one type of veg, and one potato, which was way short of what we’d ordered. There were also several items we had planned for dinners in the next few days which also weren’t aavailable.

On the plus side, when the order arrived and we ‘unloaded’ the order from the crates, we checked the dates on the items, and on the whole they were all good – there were a couple of things had shorted dates than we’d hoped for, but they were still usable, so that was good.

As we were very short of veg and potatoes, I ended up walking round to our local Tesco store to try and get those missing items, and I’m pleased to say, I was successful. So to finish this post on a positive, the availability of items from Sainsbury’s wasn’t great, but the dates were, and I managed to get the ‘missing’ items from that delivery at our local Tesco’s, so we’re sorted for our New Year shop.

I simply wish Sainsbury’s (and other stores) would ‘reserve the items ordered in a delivery when the time to change the order is closed, as it’s very frustrating ordering items the evening before the devilry is due but then finding a few hours later that the items aren’t available anymore.

Sainsbury’s deliveries = could do better.

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