Standard day or bank holiday?

Ever had one of those days when you can’t be bothered doing anything, but there seems to be an expectation that there’s loads of things you need to do? Where everything you start doing, then no longer seems to be the thing you should be doing at that time, either because other things need to be done first, or because of other external factors you have no control over.

Time marches on and the day continues to tick by. A day you hoped would be one full of relaxation and rest, but is ending up being ‘just another standard, everyday day’ rather than the relaxing bank holiday it’s supposed to be.

Mind you, I shouldn’t complain, as for many, today really will be ‘just another standard working day’, as they will be back at work after the Christmas and New Year holidays…so I really should be grateful that while my day isn’t turning out as I’d planned, at least I’m not working!

I hope you are having a great new year band holiday today, and are enjoying doing whatever you wanted to do however much or little that may be.

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