So today the festive holiday period definitely came to an end for me, as I returned to work (albeit working from home) today after 2 weeks off over Christmas and New Year.

I must be honest and say I do not like the return to work after the festive holidays, as I always seem to have got into a rut of doing not very much other than eating too much and generally lazying about most of the time.

It’s not so much the physical side of the return to work that I dislike, but rather the mental one. Some people returned to work last Wednesday after the new year celebrations, and seem to have forgotten that for a number of us, we need time to get through emails etc after we login, before being expected to be up to speed with latest status or position of a project/piece of work. This has been exacerbated for me as I was off sick for over 2 weeks in December before returning to work the Tuesday before Christmas – It then took me until I finished for Christmas to get through all the emails I’d missed, and get back up to speed on my teams’ project work.

My goal today was not to put too much pressure on myself to know/attempt to know all that some others expected me to know, as I knew they’d have forgotten I have only worked a handful of days since the start of December due to illness and annual leave.

If you were just returning to work today too, I trust you survived your day, and didn’t put too many unrealistic pressures on yourself, because of what others expect of you. Well done on surviving your day, and good luck for the rest of this week!

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