Week one of work 2023

For many this last week will have been their first week back at work in 2023, and that was the case for me too, but only for a four day week this week, so easing myself back as I always do at the start of a new year.

Our holiday year runs from January to December, but we’re always able use any annual leave we have left at the end of the year, in the January. This normally means that in January there’s quite a few people using up the last of their previous year’s annual leave. Some like to take an all their remaining leave of in one go, so have a full week (or two) off in January. Others, like me, prefer to use a day or two at a time, and make all our work week’s in January shorter weeks.

I wasn’t looking forward to the return to work on Monday, as I knew I was unlikely to be able to slowly ease myself back into work, which would have been ideal after being off work sick for a while in December and then just being back at work for a few days before finishing for the Christmas holidays – most of my time back at work before Christmas was spent trying to get through all my emails and catch-up on work progress, and I was almost there when I then finished for the holiday period.

So back at work in 2023 after 2 weeks off, and again I’m trying to catch-up while still trying to get on with my daily work. There was definitely no easing myself back in gently with most days this week being filled to over-capacity with meetings – with two days this week being particularly bad – 2 mornings this week I had 8 meetings in the morning, and more in the afternoons! It’s felt like way more than 4 days I worked this week.

The next 3 weeks are just 3 day working weeks for me, so I can only imagine how busy and stressful they’ll be.

I hope if you were returning to work this last week, that you survived it, and didn’t find it too stressful.

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