They will come #2

Used the same song in yesterday’s post, however yesterday’s post was a band arrangement of the song ‘They Shall Come From The East’, given the ‘African’ treatment…which I really liked. Today I wanted to share with you the original version of the song sung by the International Staff Songsters of the Salvation Army.

For info, ‘They Shall Come From The East’ is one of the most well known Gowans and Larsson songs from the musical, ‘The blood of the lamb’.

I love the final lines of the song which conjure a beautiful image in my mind of a world where there is no hatred, every person trusts and loves all others – These are the words.

From every tribe and every race,
All men as brothers shall embrace;
They shall come from the east,
they shall come from the west.
And sit down in the Kingdom of God.

I pray today that we may each play our part in helping our communities ’embrace’ one another, and come to God.

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