Week #3 of work 2023

This has been another 3 day week at work again this week. Again, just like last week it felt longer as I worked Monday and Tuesday, then was off on Wednesday and Thursday and then worked Friday. It’s felt again that it was two weeks rolled into one, as I had a ‘weekend’ in the middle of the week again!

There’s still a lot of folk using up the last of their remaining annual leave from last year, so again it’s been a bit of an odd week, with me only working one day the same as many of the people I work closely with. In the last couple of weeks there many of my team I’ve only seen once a week, as we’ve all been working different days so we can still provide the cover/support that we are required to do.

It’s been a week where I’ve had much fewer meetings than I normally do, which has allowed me to aget through some tasks which I would otherwise have been struggling to find time to do. Conversely it has meant because of other peoples’ annual leave, there’s been a number of tasks which haven’t progress as we would have wanted.

I now have a long weekend as I’m now not back at work until February! i.e. Wednesday next week, as I’m using my last 2 remaining days of last years annual leave. From Wednesday just about everyone is back at work, so no doubt work will soon get back to being extra buy and hectic…Something to look forward to!

If I’m honest, I’d rather be really busy at work, than having very little to do, and no time constraints, as I’ve always found I work best while under pressure – Mind you maybe my work colleagues wouldn’t agree!

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