My week in review – week #9 2023

I decided to change my weekly Saturday posts, from looking back at my working week, as life is so much more than just about work.

It’s been another busy week, with lots going on at work (including more Microsoft training for myself and some of my team, other health appointments, and trying to eat healthier and get back into getting some exercise.

We’re using a lot of new tools at work these days, so as you may have noticed, we’ve been getting some training in the last few weeks, on tools we’ve been using for a little while now, but we realise there is lots about all these tools that we don’t know about, or don’t know best practice. Our training has therefore been aimed at giving us more knowledge of what is possible, and learning best practice.

Meanwhile my team is continuing to develop solutions that need to be implemented in the new few weeks. The good news is we got one of those solutions deployed for user acceptance testing this week, one week ahead of schedule. We continue to work on the other priority project, but it’s becoming very difficult as we are continually being asked ‘look at’ other non-priority things, or attend meetings about other projects when we just don’t have the capacity.

We decided a couple of weeks ago that we needed to eat healthier and try and get back into getting some exercise again. We’ve been doing well with our meals, and have cut out biscuits and crisps completely (we had a wee sneaky piece of cake yesterday, but it was Friday!). I’ve also managed to go out for a walk all bar one day in this last week, which is something I really should have been doing, but for a number of reasons, haven’t done for a number of months.

All in all, it’s been a fairly positive week, though again it has felt like an extra long week. I therefore was glad to be able to have an long lie this morning, as I definitely needed it.

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