My week in review – week #11 2023

You may remember last Saturday I told you how my husband tested positive for Covid that previous week, and that last Saturday my Covid test finally also came back positive!

This week has been a week of aches and pain and lots of coughing for me. Meanwhile on Monday, 1 week after first testing positive, my husband’s results were negative again – he had managed to get through Covid without suffering any serious side-effects which I must be honest, was my biggest concern. At least one of us was now free to be out-and-about again! Today is exactly one week since my first positive test, but unfortunately I’m still returning a positive test.

Despite testing positive for Covid last weekend I was still able to work this week, as I simply just worked from home – my manager band me from the office LOL. As the main problem I’ve had all week has been coughing, working was ok, other than at a few meetings where I had to say quite a lot, as I’d say a sentence or two then end up coughing again.

I was supposed to attend a hospital appointment this week, but for obvious reasons, had to cancel it. Thankfully they were able to just reschedule for me when I explained I had Covid, rather than putting me back to the bottom of the waiting list again.

On Monday at work after speaking to my boss and I arranged to take Monday afternoon off, to rest, as I was still feeling exhausted and a bit achy on Monday. That seemed to help as from Tuesday onwards the aches and pains and hot and cold shivers were gone and it was really just this cough and sore throat that I was left with. I had hoped it would gradually go over the rest of the week, but unfortunately it’s still hanging around.

Work as always these days, has been extra busy, but I’ve tried to work shorter days this week, just because I’m obviously not feeling 100%, however on the whole I didn’t really succeed with this.

As I couldn’t go out to get any shopping this week, we’ve had a couple of Amazon Fresh deliveries which allowed us to get some essentials such a bread, milk, and some fruit and veg. We had plenty of other food in the fridge already so that wasn’t too bad. My husband ventured to the shops last night to get us more food again, so we are now fully stocked again, which will hopefully be sufficient until I can get back out to the shops again, once I get a negative test again.

Another mixed week, but one where I’ve been pleased my husband didn’t suffer any serious side-effects of having Covid, and now I’m just waiting for me to get the all clear from Covid too.

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