My week in review – week #12 2023

Well it’s been a frustrating week. After testing positive for Covid on on Saturday 11 March (after my husband tested positive on Monday 6 March), my husband then got a negative test on Monday 13 March, however I’ve continued to test positive for Covid right up until Thursday of this week – 13 days after first testing positive. It was frustrating as other than still having a cough, I felt ok.

At least work was understanding about first my husband having Covid and then me, as my boss told me not to go into the office either last week or this week, which at least meant I didn’t need to worry about being expected to be in the office. At least I was able to continue to work from home which I know isn’t possible for everyone when they have Covid.

Work continues to be extra busy, but once again this week my team have managed to complete a lot of great development work, as well as overcome a number of obstacles when attempting to deploy the solutions for the first time to our SiT, UAT and Training environments – all in readiness for deploying them to the Production environment once the services complete their user acceptance testing and we agree an implementation date.

This coming week will be busy again, as the plan is to deploy several of the solutions we’ve developed, our to the Production environment. So I’m just hoping we get the outstanding bit of development completed early this coming week, and we then have no issues with the deployments to the Production environment. That’s the plan for this coming week, but we’ll see how that turns out!

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