My week in review – week #13 2023

It’s been a very long and very busy and stressful week, particularly at work. So I was very glad to have finally reached Saturday, however only just sat down for the evening a short time ago, and still to make the dinner in a little while.

This last week we were under huge pressure at work to deploy a number of new solutions, and on Monday we were also asked to make a number of additional last minutes changes/fixes to these solutions before deploying them. This was something that was always going to difficult for us to do, give the time it takes to investigate bugs, make the required changes to the code, test, and then rebuild the solution ready for deployment again, all before the end of this working week. i.e. before the end of March.

Well we matted to deliver most of this with just a few bugs outstanding, which the team will pick up and then deploy when ready, hopefully, next week.

The team did encounter a number of problems while doing the deployments, all because of the way our integration partners who initially built these solutions, had built the solutions. This caused us to have to spend a lot of hours this week trying to resolve deployment failures. all of this could and should have been avoided if our integration partners (who no longer work with us), had built the solutions in the way we now understand they should have been built, and had considered the longer term maintenance implications of what they were building.

The good things from this week, are my team managed to work through these many issues, working lots of extra hours, and managed to get the solutions that needed to be deployed to the live environment, done.

Next week we have to pick up the remaining changes/bugs that we didn’t get finished this week, and get those items deployed to the live environment also. We also need to fully consider what we need to do to review the deployments pipelines we’ve been left with by our integration partners, and then amend these to try and make it less likely going forward, that these deployments will fail. All work that will stop us continuing development of new solutions, and work we shouldn’t have had to do, if these deployment pipeline had been built properly by our partners in the first place. That said this last week, has been a good learning experience for my team, and they have once again shown we have great experienced developers in the team who can, and will, do all they can to get the required work completed in. the timescales needed.

What a great team!

Outside of work, I managed to make it to band practice for the first time in four weeks, after my husband having covid, and then me. Was a bit rusty, but it was good to be back, though was exhausted by the end of the practice, but that may have been combination of the aftermath of covid, a very long day in the office, and then band practice.

I was looking forward to the weekend and a bit of a rest. However there was loads of housework needing done, so ended up spending many hours today washing, ironing, hoovering, dusting and cleaning as hadn’t managed to do any of this during the week because I worked such long hours.

After finally finishing all the housework short time ago, I am totally exhausted, so once I make the dinner it’ll be good to relax for the rest of the evening.

Roll on two 4-day working weeks as we’re off Friday next week and Monday the following week, for Easter.

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