Because of God’s amazing love!

Earlier today on Bellshill Salvation Army Band’s Facebook page I shared some devotions. I’d like to share those devotions with you tonight.

This week, the lead up to Easter, is called Holy Week, when we remember Jesus journey to Jerusalem. We look ahead to Easter and all that as Christians, it means to us.

But what does Easter mean to you? Is it a time to reflect Jesus’ death at Calvary? Or is Easter simply a time to look forward to school holidays, time of work and a time to eat lots of chocolate?

Sadly for so many these days, Easter is just about holidays and Easter eggs, and many will not know the true reason we celebrate Easter. However For those of us who are Christians, Easter is pivotal to our beliefs, as without it we would not have been forgiven of our sins,or guaranteed eternal life.

Easter is not just a story or a time to eat lots of chocolate. Easter is a reality, a reality that changed the world for us all when Jesus died on the cross – all because of God’s amazing love for each one of us.

Amazing love! How can it be
That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me?

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