I don’t know about you, but I have personally experienced exactly what the above quote is talking about – both positively and negatively…let me explain.

Firstly, the negative experience…

When someone tries to encourage you to ‘volunteer’ for something, but you can tell they’re not really ‘in to’ what they are saying to you, it’s difficult to get enthusiastic about what the person is talking about. After all if they’re enthusiastic and passionate about what they are doing, how can they possibly expect anyone else to get enthusiastic about it!

Now onto the positive experience…

When someone is talking to you about something they are doing, you can tell quite quickly whether they really are enthusiastic and truly believe in what they are doing, or whether it’s a struggle for them to ‘sell it’ to you. That’s why when someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about what they are doing, talk to you about getting involved, it is so easy to readily say yes, because you can see those already involved, really do want the project/task to succeed.

The moral – If you want to encourage others to get involved in something, be passionate about it, and show them just how passionate you are.

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