My week in review – week #15 2023

The end of the second 4 day working week in a row. All I can say is, it’s funny how different 2 weeks can be when on the surface they should be almost identical.

Last week at work was a long stressful one, while this week felt fairly quick and was definitely less stressful, all of which are definite positives. With a number of people on annual leave this week it meant I had a lot less meetings, so was able to concentrate on the things I really need to be concentrating on. I even had time to complete some mandatory training which I needed to do as it had been outstanding for a little while. I do still have a ‘closed book’ exam I must do at the end of this month, but again, I managed to get a little bit of revision done this week which was good.

Last few weeks it’s been my husband who hasn’t been feeling too great. This week it was my turn to be unwell – suffice to say I ended up having to see my GP several times this week. I’m feeling better now, but still recovering. I am fortunate I have a GP who is willing to ‘fit me in’ when I have these issues (because she knows and understands my health and my history), and is able to provide the help and assistance needed. I know many have difficulty getting to speak to, or seeing their GP, so I know we are fortunate in this regard.

All in all, after the ‘madness’ that was my week and weekend, last week, this week has been way more straightforward, and much less stressful, both as far as work is concerned and also Bellshill Salvation Army band’s social media posts – After getting the band posts done ‘just in time’ last week for Easter, this week was more straightforward with just our standard Wednesday devotions. So that also was a positive.

Most people will be back at work this coming week after their Easter break, so I expect my calendar to quickly fill up with meetings, and also the stress and pressure to increase again. Hoping it’s not too bad a week as I have a few personal things I have to attend this week also, so would appreciate a less intense week that usual – I can but hope can’t I?!

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