My week in review – week #16 2023

Back to a 5-day working week again this week, and yes, it did feel like a long 5 day week. However as seems to be the case most weeks, it’s felt like an extra long working week with loads to do. Despite not having nearly as many meetings this week as I sometimes do, it’s still felt as though I’ve been trying to keep up with myself all week, as I’ve many things to do, and many of them needed to be completed this week. It’s been hectic, and pressured much of the time.

Yesterday was the end of our 4 week flexi period and unsurprisingly I ended this last flexi-period with a lot more hours than I can carry over into this next flexi-period. This means that just like every period for as long as I can remember, I’ll lose lots of time – in other words I have worked lots of extra hours for no financial benefit or recompense for the extra hours I’ve worked. Sometimes I think I must be mad to do so!

Work has been pretty full-on for the last while, and so far this calendar year I’ve only been off on the public holidays, and a couple of flexi days. So I need some time off work to recharge, so finally got round to booking a couple of weeks annual leave, so I’m now counting down the days until I’m off.

Still not been feeling great this week, but thankfully better than last week, so hopefully things will continue to improve in the coming weeks. This coming week I again have a few personal things I need to attend this week, so hoping again that this coming week is less intense week that usual – I can but hope again can’t I?!

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