My week in review – week #18 2023

It’s been another busy week at work, with lots going on, and lots of meetings to attend and reports to be written. Some extra things to do this week too as there are a few people off just now, there were a few extra things to be done.

The final part of my working week was sitting an exam for a course I attended in November last year – I’ve just not had the time to spend any time revising to sit the exam before now. Still struggled to find time to revise butI had to get the exam done now. It was a closed book exam meaning you can’t take any notes into the the exam or use the internet to get any assistance either. So I was very nervous as I know since my heart surgery, my memory is not great if I don’t write things down so I can refer to them later. Anyway Friday afternoon was exam time! I actually found the exam ok, and was there pleased to be informed right after the exam that I had not just passed, but had got a great percentage score. To say I am delighted is putting it mildly! It was a good way to finish the working week, ready for the holiday weekend.

And so to today, the coronation of King Charles III – I am not particularly for or against the royal family, but the coronation of our new king, is something I have never seen before, so we watched the full procession and service.

There’s a lot about the service that reflected the history of the coronation of our monarchy, and there were some more up-to-date parts too – I loved the Ascension Choir. one thing I did love was the procession of all the troops back to Buckingham Palace after the service. How do those musicians manage to play and ride a horse at the same time?! – Both are difficult enough to do on their own without adding in the other!

Looking forward to next week, it’s another 4 day week, as I do actually get this Monday bank holiday because of the coronation. As far as work is concerned it’ll no doubt be another full-on week with loads to do.

I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on the coronation of King Charles III – are you for or against our royal family, and why?

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