My week in review – week #19 2023

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week in so many ways. So in so many ways I’m glad it is over, but also not really wanting to look ahead or look back, just focus on the current day.

Work’s been a bit of a welcome relief as it’s kept my mind of so many other things, and helped me focus on what I can do, and what I have some control over, i.e. my . It’s been another very busy week at work with a few of my team off on annual leave. It’s was also a week when I have a lot of work to pull together PowerPoint slides for a presentation this week. Thankfully I will be presenting this in a different way next time, which will hopefully be much less work for me going forward.

It was a busy and productive working week – I wish I could be as positive about my non-working week!

There’s not much more I can say about this last week, so let me simply say I hope to have a better week next week in every aspect of my life. I hope you too have a great week.

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